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Activities in and around Imst

Lemming Tours

Rafting, Canyoning, Mountainbike tours and climbing routes - in other words: outdoor in Tyrol is our offer to you! In 2014 we celebrated our 25 year jubilee - that makes us to pioneers in outdoor offers in the region. We believe that rafting, canyoning and other guided outdoor tours are a very individual matters and that's why we chose to stay close to our customers. Find us at


Situated in 2.175 m above sea level, there is one of the most beautiful observing points of the Ötztaler alps - the impressive monument of alpince architecture, the TOP MOUNTAIN CROSSPOINT.

The portal between Tyrol and South Tyrol (Italy) is not only popular for it's beatuiful landscape and streets - you can also visit Europes highest motorcycle museum at 2.500 m above the sea level. But there is more - in the restaurant you can eat traditional Austiran AND Italian food. Find all the information at

Road Trip 78 - Rent a Bike

Enjoy the beatiful landscape of Tyrol in an alternative way - by renting a motorcycle at Road Trip 78 and experiencing the well known moutain streets. More information can be obtained at

Jump and More

A huge variety of different leisure acitivites is offered at Jump and more in the mountains of Hoch Imst. Fund and excitement for everyone is guaranteed with offers for E-Trail tours, trampoline parks for kids or segway tours for the whole family.

Further information at

Rosengartenschlucht and Blaue Grotte

One of the most beautiful jewels of nature and a popular destination for wanderers is the Rosengartenschlucht. Just around the corner of the city center you can find the entrance to the canyon, formed through the raw force of the waters of the Schinderbach, which has it's source in the "Blaue Grotte". The difference in altitude between the city center and the Blue Grotto allows wanderers a unique view onto the city. Enjoy the beautiful nature and landscape!

After you have paid a visit to the beauty of the grotto, you can extend your journey just a bit and head to Hoch Imst. There you find a small lake for swimming, a restaurant and the cable railway which is a starting point for a number of calm and relaxing trails.

Detailed Information and photos you can find at

Public Pool Imst

The public pool can be reached within a minute from the camping site. Find yourself a spot on the widespread lawn and let the sun do it's work.

If you want to be more active and have some fun, why not play volleyball? The court is part of the grounds and there is no extra payment needed.

For all the kids there is a special pool so they stay safe. The two slides provide fun for you and your kids at every age.

Website Swimming Pool Imst

Driving Village

The Driving Village guarantees hours and hours of fun on its own GoKart-racing track! There is even more! Regular events for all car fans offer a high quality and a memorable highlight! In case you get hungry or thursty you are welcome in the restaurant "Schmankerltreff", where delicious food is served.

Website Driving Village

Sports Center

The huge variety of sports offered by the Sports Center Imst provides something for everyone! Not only there is a big climbing tower and an indoor arrangement for climbing, but also there are a number of football and basketball courts, a skater park and an area for archery! And the best: it's only a walk about five minutes from the camp site!

Website Sports Center


The Rafting-Company offers trips through the wild waters and the magnificent mountains and canyons of Tyrol. All the equipment, the transfer, shower, sauna, a drink, a certificate and a lot more is inclusive. To meet your individual needs and interests, it is possible to book a unique program.

Website Wassercraft

Schloss Starkenberg

The Starkenberg Chateau in Tarrenz is a local brewery which manufactures the most time awarded beer of Austria. As a special experience you can enjoy the "Biermythos". This is a unique attraction and includes inter alia a bath in the beer.

The History of the Chateau is very eventful and begins in 12. century when it was in the hands of a robber baron and its knights. From then a lot of legends and myths emerged.

Website Starkenberg Chateau


On the following website you'll find all the necessary information about the local climbimg routes. Furthermore there are detailed maps for every route

Website Climbers-Paradise


The ultimate amusement park in Tyrol offers action and adrenaline in a way you have never seen before! The spectacular location for an adventure-holiday in Tyrol has it's name from the latitude it is situated - and to be totally honest: you have to have been there at least 47 times to really get what the park is all about and enjoy everything the AREA 47 and the "Ötztal" provide if you are looking for fun!

Website Area 47

Alpine Coaster and Hoch Imst

The Alpine Coaster in Hoch Imst is a fascinating destination for the whole family. A ride with this spectacular summer tobbogan run will show you: "It drives you crazy!"

Let's list some details:

  • length of the track: 3.535 m
  • height of the mountain station: 1.500 m
  • difference: 500 m
  • highest spot: 6 m above the ground

Beside the Alpine Coaster there is much more to explore in Hoch Imst. There are a lot of trails and paths which will make a trip an incredible experience.

Website Hoch-Imst


The Grugl valley and its side valleys in the Tyrolean Upland have been one of the most important region for the mining industry in Tyrol.

In the "Knappenwelt" in Tarrenz the process of seperating the ore from the barren rock is reconstructed step by step. Therefore facilities true to scale were built and started up just like they have existed in the Alpine area in the 16th century.

Website Knappenwelt


The "Glenthof", situated in the direct neighbourhood of the Sports Center, guarantees fun both indoor and outdoor with a number of tennis courts a squash hall, a bowling alley and its own restaurant which offers local food.

Website Glenthof Imst